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Student Feedback
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Student Feedback (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)

“I thrive in the learning environment that Andrew provides. I really enjoy his classes and all the discussions we have. It’s easily my favourite class this semester.”

“He is the best professor I’ve had to date. Very involved, clearly loves what he is doing. It helps greatly that he is still a professional in the field.”

“Loves what he does and it is evident he is proficient in his field. Took advice half way through the semester and tailored his lesson plans. AMAZING!”

Student Feedback (Simon Fraser University)

“This is the best tutorial I have ever had. It is interesting and fun to participate in. You are very knowledgeable and bring great insight to the articles. Great job Andrew!”

“…the best part of this class is the tutorial sessions. Not only are they really fun, but I actually learn stuff. So I say don’t change a thing. You’re doing great!”

“Andrew is extremely passionate about the subject and it’s obvious. Great facilitation of discussions.”

Copies of detailed student appraisals are available upon request.